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I absolutely love the new GIMP. Windows binaries were posted just the other day (you have to dig around on the main GIMP site to find them) and I immediately installed it on my Windows machine at work. Irony of ironies, I still don't have it on my Linux box at home because I'm waiting for official .debs. I'm trying to keep my software 100% apt-managed.

The beauty of the Windows version has me particularly excited though. In case you haven't heard of Microsoft Windows, aparently it's an OS that lots of peoples gots. In order for people to discover the beauty of open source (or free software), most of them are probably going to have to try it out first. In the past, the GIMP's interface (especially on Windows) was strange (and ugly) enough to be quite daunting to the average user. Now, with some surprisingly minor tweaks, it is a pleasure to work with and look at. One sticking point that I have to mention is that the file open dialog box is still sub-optimal under Windows. The GTK+ people should find some way to use native file dialog boxes like the Mozilla people have.

The average wanna-be graphics pro in the Windows world has two choices now - pirate Photoshop (bad!) or use the free GIMP (good!). Photoshop piracy is like the dark side of the force. It's not more powerful, but it is easier and more seductive. Beware the dark side of the force! For once you start down its path, forever will it dominate your destiny!

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