Neal (bistronaut) wrote in the__gimp,

Can Only Be Done In The GIMP?

Eric Meyer is having trouble doing something in Photoshop that took me (and every other GIMP user, apparently) seconds to do - save a specific background color for his PNGs. Before I got a chance to post a reply, he already had an update line (in response to several replies) about how he really wanted to do it in Photoshop, and not the GIMP. He also mentioned hating the GIMP's interface.

I didn't want to spam his comments with GIMP proselytization, but I feel that the GIMP has made huge leaps in its Windows UI in the past year or so (mostly due to GTK+ improvements and better file dialogs). Maybe he used the Mac port (which does still need a lot of work, IMHO).

In case you're not a web developer, Eric Meyer is pretty much the authority on cascading style sheets (of course, non-web-developers probably don't know what those are).

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