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GIMP 2.2.x to 2.3.x major differences

So, I use GIMP to clean up and color a webcomic I draw. One which I won't link to here, as this is a GIMP question, not an advertisement. :-)

Sitting around in my Linux distro of choice's package repository is a nice bundle of GIMP 2.3.13. Which looks tempting and all, except I'm still using 2.2.12 (the 2.2.13 version never seemed to make it into this package repository), and I know from long-term Linux experience that a version jump like that (2.2.x to 2.3.y) usually entails a significant amount of changes.

Of course, I can read about all the changes on the devs' NEWS file and changelog. Except that's bogged down in technical details which, while I understand a fair amount of them, doesn't answer me one major question: How much, if any, of my GIMP 2.2 knowledge will I need to unlearn or break to use GIMP 2.3 (and likewise 2.4 once we're out of 2.3s)? As in, are some of the existing tools drastically changed or moved?

Assuming, of course, that this community is still alive. :-)
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