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Created Using The Gimp

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I need help [20 Jun 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I just got The Gimp. I have no idea how to use it or anything! I need help! I would like to be able to use Gimp to is full capacity...so if anybody could help me, it would be much appriciated! Thank you so much! 

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GIMP 2.2.x to 2.3.x major differences [11 Jan 2007|10:58pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So, I use GIMP to clean up and color a webcomic I draw. One which I won't link to here, as this is a GIMP question, not an advertisement. :-)

Sitting around in my Linux distro of choice's package repository is a nice bundle of GIMP 2.3.13. Which looks tempting and all, except I'm still using 2.2.12 (the 2.2.13 version never seemed to make it into this package repository), and I know from long-term Linux experience that a version jump like that (2.2.x to 2.3.y) usually entails a significant amount of changes.

Of course, I can read about all the changes on the devs' NEWS file and changelog. Except that's bogged down in technical details which, while I understand a fair amount of them, doesn't answer me one major question: How much, if any, of my GIMP 2.2 knowledge will I need to unlearn or break to use GIMP 2.3 (and likewise 2.4 once we're out of 2.3s)? As in, are some of the existing tools drastically changed or moved?

Assuming, of course, that this community is still alive. :-)

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HELP!!! [24 Oct 2005|11:09am]
Okay let me try to explain this....I recently downloaded the gimp, i have a GAP read me file with it i am assuming i have GAP???? Here is my issue i have no idea how to use this. I went to the liknk on how to use GAP and i don't have that interface it shows in the example. How can i see if i even have what i need to make animations and is there a basic tutorial that is easily fallowed? thanks in advance....vyle
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Animation Help [06 Sep 2005|07:05pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I just downloaded Gimp last week and I'm having trouble. How do you use the animation option?

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Can Only Be Done In The GIMP? [02 Sep 2005|12:23am]


Eric Meyer is having trouble doing something in Photoshop that took me (and every other GIMP user, apparently) seconds to do - save a specific background color for his PNGs. Before I got a chance to post a reply, he already had an update line (in response to several replies) about how he really wanted to do it in Photoshop, and not the GIMP. He also mentioned hating the GIMP's interface.

I didn't want to spam his comments with GIMP proselytization, but I feel that the GIMP has made huge leaps in its Windows UI in the past year or so (mostly due to GTK+ improvements and better file dialogs). Maybe he used the Mac port (which does still need a lot of work, IMHO).

In case you're not a web developer, Eric Meyer is pretty much the authority on cascading style sheets (of course, non-web-developers probably don't know what those are).

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My first post [22 Jun 2005|11:12am]

[ mood | not!accomplished ]


I have used .dat files for data, but I had never hear of them used with images until yesterday. I tried opening them with Photoshop CS and I couldn't. I tried the Gimp and TaDaaa!!

My problem is solved for now, but I wanted to share my squee over the goodness of Gimp... :) and I wanted to ask if anyone can enlighten me more about why would someone use .dat for images, if there are any advantages, what other image editing software deals with them, that sort of thing.

Thanks for enduring my babbling. :)


Edit: Well, this is what happens when one squees before finishing what one's doing. I can't open some of the files although they have the very same extention and come from the same source. HELP!!!

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new realease [24 Jan 2005|10:45pm]

[ mood | happy ]

does everyone know there's a new stable version of the GIMP out? I just found it today, but it was released in December. I've only been poking around for a little bit, but I've already seen several much-needed improvements. Download it. It's great.

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Color pallets..... [28 Dec 2004|02:05am]

How do i save/load a custme collor pallet in the gimp...  what format does it have to be
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[26 Dec 2004|12:00pm]

Could some1 explain to me how to crop a picture and make it smaller. For example I want to make the pic's I have a 100X100 icon, but i'm not sure how to do this. Help, please?
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[25 Dec 2004|06:30am]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm new and yayaya. Ok, so question..(if any of you still pay attention to this community!:)..) Well I use the gimp for stuff and well I was just curious......

can you make things animated? That's the only one thing I cannot figure out.


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[14 Dec 2004|07:16pm]

Hey, My name is Allie. I'm a new member to this community, and also a new member to using The Gimp software.

I have a few questions.
1. Is there anyway to do glitterfils using the Gimp?
2. how do I do animations but not black and white?

Please and thank you for all help! ♥
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Brushes! [09 Jul 2004|10:03pm]

Hey everyone. :) I'm somewhat new to the gimp and have a quick question. Does anyone know a website where I can find brushes for the gimp? I'm looking for more stylized ones, caligraphic letters in particular. I may have to do some work and make them myself I'm afraid. I've already browsed gimp.org and Deviantart.com. Feedback is much appreciated.

How about using photoshop brushes? Is there a way to download them and make them usable for gimp? I don't have photoshop anymore so I don't even know where to open them from.

Thanks all. :)
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[08 Jun 2004|05:14pm]

Hello fellow Gimp users.
I was hoping for some help with an image I'm attempting to edit, so I thought I'd ask here....

I have an image of a faerie.
Right now it's basically just shades of one color, but I'd like to make it be more of a rainbow of color. Any idea how I might do this with the Gimp?

Thanks, in advance. :-)
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First Gimp-created icon! [01 Apr 2004|09:21pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Any thoughts?

My other icons are just cropped and resized from self-portraits.

This one I actually played around in the Gimp for.

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GIMP 2! [25 Mar 2004|09:53pm]


I absolutely love the new GIMP. Windows binaries were posted just the other day (you have to dig around on the main GIMP site to find them) and I immediately installed it on my Windows machine at work. Irony of ironies, I still don't have it on my Linux box at home because I'm waiting for official .debs. I'm trying to keep my software 100% apt-managed.

The beauty of the Windows version has me particularly excited though. In case you haven't heard of Microsoft Windows, aparently it's an OS that lots of peoples gots. In order for people to discover the beauty of open source (or free software), most of them are probably going to have to try it out first. In the past, the GIMP's interface (especially on Windows) was strange (and ugly) enough to be quite daunting to the average user. Now, with some surprisingly minor tweaks, it is a pleasure to work with and look at. One sticking point that I have to mention is that the file open dialog box is still sub-optimal under Windows. The GTK+ people should find some way to use native file dialog boxes like the Mozilla people have.

The average wanna-be graphics pro in the Windows world has two choices now - pirate Photoshop (bad!) or use the free GIMP (good!). Photoshop piracy is like the dark side of the force. It's not more powerful, but it is easier and more seductive. Beware the dark side of the force! For once you start down its path, forever will it dominate your destiny!

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WinPerlFu! [18 Mar 2004|10:01pm]

[ mood | curious ]

A question to the Gimp folk on LJ... is there a way to get Perl-Fu set up for the Win32 port of Gimp?

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[14 Mar 2004|12:36pm]

I messed up and took a bunch of picture out under the sun with me camera set for incandecent lighting. I found if I go into the Filter Pack, one red and one yellow, it corrects this nicely. But there are a large number of images I need to fix. Does anyone know how to do the same thing with ImageMagick's convert, so I can just do a foreach look and fix them all at once?
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Portability [17 Dec 2003|09:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone heard if anyone's planning on porting anything in the SVG-capable line of Gimp to Win32? See, I don't have a fast enough Linux box handy for my Gimping pleasure, so until I get one, my Windows laptop will have to do. Unfortunately, the newest Win32 Gimp is 1.2.5...

(unless there's another fork of Win32 Gimp I'm not aware of)

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Another cartoony pic [28 Jul 2003|01:32pm]

Hey. Me again. Seems like everyone liked my first post here, so I figured, why not post another? :-)

Fire in the Night

Another GIMP-colored drawing of characters from my webcomic. This time, it's the two main characters, one of whom is a mage, so I had all kinds of fun with hue layers, adding light glares to the flames. And the blue nighttime hue, the smearfest I did with the fireball, the background, and yeah. Fun pic to do.

(I also did this on Win32 GIMP, as my new laptop is far faster than my steadfast 200MHz Linux server... they ARE getting more stable with Win32 GIMP, really they are... :-) )
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And so it begins... [20 Jul 2003|12:03pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello. I'm Kyrah Jade. I do tiles mainly in GIMP. Or little logos, but here it is.

My works as of late:

(Most of these will be 256x256, or 300x300)

Paisley and Star -

Green Tissue - (38k)

Green Star Bubbles! -

For my Muse - (16k)

Cranberry Wave - (36k)

Grey Star - (42k)

For Zenty - (28k)

For Yohshee - (32k)

Feedback is always welcome.

*bows out*

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